our services

Virtual Office

Independent Contractor

Create your business and reduce costs


Extend your business in France


Manage your association easily


Mail Scan

Read your mail immediately

envelope Scan

Choose the mail to open

Simple forwarding

Simply forward your mail without scan

parcels management


An address in France for parcels delivery

Sell in France

We send your products to your customers

After sales in France

Need a warehouse for your customers returns ?

SERVICES on subscription

Mail filtering

Reduce your shipping costs

Mail storage

Store your mail for as long as you wish

Monthly destruction

Save on your shipping costs

banking secret

Keep your bank mail confidential

VIP Service

Your mail within the hour

Mail Identification

Want to know who sent you a mail ?

Internet Visibility

Show your Ubidoca address on your website

Sending mail scanned in ZIP file

Your mail is sent daily by email

virtual phone in France

Receive your calls, wherever you are

Parcels Storage (Parcelbox)

Store your parcels in a personal and secure space

Take your customer calls

We take your customers calls

Photo of your parcels

Receive a photo of your parcels


Mail services

Bank services

Postal services

Parcel services

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