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Practical situations

Address in France : Practical situations -

Virtual Office Mail France

You are moving in another country or going for an extended trip for several years and you need to keep a postal address in France to receive mail ?
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Attachment Procedure

The French legislation requires you to have a tax address. If you are over 16 years of age and you have not had a permanent residence or permanent residence for more than 6 months, you must be "attached" to a municipality or an approved association.
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General Delivery

You wish to receive your mail in any post office in France or anywhere in the world ? In this case, have all or part of your mail sent to General Delivery, also called "Poste Restante".
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Swiss Mail

Like many of our customers, you have noticed that Switzerland-France and France-Switzerland mail is often late. A letter from France to Switzerland often takes about ten days while deliveries from France to other European countries are much faster.
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Mail France

UBIDOCA enables you to get a unique and personal postal address in France to receive all your mail as if you were receiving them at home.
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Post Transfer

To ensure that UBIDOCA receives and process your postal mail on a daily basis, you must have it transferred to our company before leaving your current residence or for your expatriation.
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Forward Mail

Once processed by Ubidoca (received, scanned, saved or stored), we forward your mail at least once a month.
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Sending a Mail

You are in another country and you need to send a postal mail (ordinary or registered) from France ?
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Anonymous Mail

Do you wish to receive your mail under a pseudonym at a post office box so that your correspondents do not know your real identity or your personal address ?
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Legal Articles

Here are a few articles on the topics that most often concern our expatriate customers.
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Swiss Mail Forwarding

Do you have a residence in Switzerland and would like to forward your postal mail to another international address ?
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